There is no cookie cutter approach to coaching. Yelling at someone doesn't motivate people (well maybe it does for some people). What drives motivation is progress. Progress is driven by taking the right steps. Those steps may not be the same for everyone.  



  • TRY - I define trying as not giving up. There is no magic pill. Effort is the engine. 
  • Communicate - I grew up shy and as a result I was unable to express my thoughts and feelings. I encourage client's thoughts. This helps me shape the program.
  • Clean slate policy - Breaking away from all or nothing mentally is key to ongoing success. I will never be disappointed. I will always support you. We all screw up. The difference from between success and failure is getting back on the horse.
  • Self-Compassion - Be true to your values, beliefs and priorities. Be compassionate along the way. Like anything this takes practice.     


  • I evaluate your starting level of nutritional knowledge, previous experiences and current skills, building off where you currently are and focusing on the lowest hanging fruit. 
  • Depending on the individual we'll develop skills in...
    • Reading nutrition labels
    • Identifying macro nutrients
    • Learning how the cook the basics
    • Individual strategies for specific scenarios/events
    • How to track food
  • I will create for you easy to follow meal plan/meal template   
  • You will learn how to make it all work
  • Are you advanced? I got you covered. 


STRENGTH programming

  • I use movement assessments and the Functional Movement Screen to identifying strengths, limitations and asymmetries to craft a unique program for your body.
  • Strength training programs are...
    • 2-4 day a week full body workouts providing the most bang for your buck
    • Typically 4 week periodized training blocks
    • Deloads (recovery weeks) are incorporated to resentistive your body strength training adaptations and to prevent overuse injuries
    • Progressive overloading is monitored by me to insure your getting stronger.
  • Not every exercise is for everyone. We will find the ones that works best with your body.
  • Exercise videos are linked to every exercise on your program so there is no guess work on how to perform and exercise.