Before we started working together I was really depressed about my weight and didn’t think anything would work. Chris assured me that if I was compliant and stuck the two plan I would definitely see results.

My goals were:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain strength
  • Not be depressed


  • Lost about 35 lbs
  • 11% reduction in body fat
  • Squat - 105 lbs to 150 lbs (+45lbs)
  • Bench - 85 lbs to 95 lbs (+10lbs)
  • Deadlift - 120 to 165 lbs (+45lbs)
  • Overhead Press - 55 lbs to 80 lbs (+25lbs) 
  • Feeling GREAT about myself!

Chris really made it easy for me. All I had to do was stick to the plan. With the frequent check-ins and accountable checks I’m always learning something new and we’re always moving forward!"



Jeff Irvin

My Name Is Jeff Irvin and I'm 45 years old

My Name Is Jeff Irvin and I'm 45 years old

It all started when...

I trained with Chris at Fitness Together Nov. 2015 – Sept. 2017. When we started training together, we just clicked. There was something about ownership that was and always is important to me. Chris didn't just tell me what to do he worked with me. He did all the fancy calculations to increase my strength and I did my best to understand by asking tons of questions. I truly respected the investment he put in me. I thought I was his favorite. Come to find out I was among many of his favorites.

I'm not the easiest client to work with. I was stubborn, I didn’t cook and I was good at making excuses. Because I didn’t want to cook, he created a non-cook meal plan for me. Because I was stubborn he colored inside the lines. Because I made excuses he called me out of them.

Here are my results:

Body weight - 310 lbs to 255 lbs (-55 lbs)

Bench Press – 340 lbs to 375 lbs (+35 lbs)

Overhead Press – 200 lbs to 225 lbs (+25lbs)

Medications – 5 mg Fenofibrate & 10 mg Simvastatin to NONE!

The road to health was a tough one to find but Chris showed me how it should be traveled.

Vanina Brown

My Husband and I :)

My Husband and I :)

Original Goals

  • Lose weight
  • Manage stress
  • Get healthy


  • Lost 26 lbs
  • Passion for strength training
  • 2 Powerlifting meets
  • Developed ongoing confidence, purpose and motivation

When I started working with Chris I was afraid about gaining more weight when I quit smoking and adding anything extra into my life may tip the balance. I had some health concerns and I needed help

He listened to me, I mean he really listened to me working with me every step of the way. Taking the guesswork out of my nutrition plan. Later creating a plans for every situation; traveling, going too restaurants and eating around the holidays. He taught me how to read nutritional labels and would answer all my questions in detail.

I’m not the easiest person to work with but he found a way to allow me to fall in love with deadlifts. Conditioning and cardio I feel differently about, only when the plan called for it i would do it because I trusted him.

He initiated my love for strength training. I could deadlift every day! But I have to admit every time I get under a loaded barbell get ecstatic to lift!

The way I see myself is much different than when I started. It’s been a long but successful journey. I would not have been able to make so many improvements in my life it I weren’t for the help advice and support of my coach Chris!


Bob Perry

Bob Perry came to one of my strongman shows in Aug 2016 and said to me. "I want to do that". 8 months later he did it!

Accomplishments with Chris: 

  • Max Deadlift – 345 lbs
  • Max Bench press - 190 lbs
  • Competing in first strongman show
    • 13” Deadlift – 405 lbs
    • 100ft farmer’s walk – 175 lbs per hand
Bob Perry1.jpg

Hi, my name is Bob and this is my story. I started training at age 60 because of an ultimatum my doctor gave me. “You need to get in shape.” So I did. I trained at a personal training studio and competed in 60+ 5K races and 5 sprint triathlons. 

Just as I was starting to get bored with my training, Chris came into my life. He acknowledged my boredom and made it fun. Little did I know he was paving the path towards competing in strongman. 

Chris, being a strongman athlete himself, has a great understanding of strongman training and client adaptability, I felt safe. I’m not going to say it was easy by any means but I did have fun. I learned proper form, technique and competitor mindset.

The day after my first competition I turned 67th. That was quite the birthday present. I couldn’t have done it without Chris. Over the past 7 years I’ve worked with about a dozen personal trainers and by far Chris is the best there is! 




To put it simply, Chris transformed my life...

   The before and after pictures are following fewer than six months of training with Chris:  I lost 30 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol dropped, and I reached a level of fitness I had not thought I could attain again in my 40s. I was pain free and hiking trails I had abandoned a decade ago!  My strength improved dramatically and  after a year, I was deadlifting 300 pounds! 

What makes Chris different?

   His level of commitment and dedication to his clients' success is unsurpassed. As he did for me, he will identify and help you overcome whatever is blocking your progress and stopping you from reaching your goals with a tailored, personalized approach. Most importantly, he is caring and non-judgmental,
celebrating everyone’s victories no matter how small. I have worked with many trainers over many years and I can easily say that Chris is in a class all his own.